Special Session: Fjord Innovation Rumble
For the Cross Innovation Academy Fjord will stage an example Rumble on the topic of innovation. This session is hosted by Anna Kraft, Managing Director Fjord GmbH and 
Nancy Birkhoelzer, Managing Director Fjord GmbH.

The most sophisticated form of brainstorm Fjord uses is a Rumble. It is a well prepared, highly structured and disciplined brainstorm format, designed to create a high number of qualified ideas. It is also a great way to onboard and kick-off relationships, due to its hands on approach. We think that starting new work collaborations with a Rumble is ideal.

A Rumble is an intense work-shopping technique, designed to work for the kinds of challenging projects that Fjord often undertakes. Normally Rumbles tend to be…

  • Strategic / Concept Rumbles.
    In these sessions the proposition, offering, functionality, and overall user-focused package are explored. This is often one of the very first activities we do on a new large project. The output is usually rough diagrams, experience sketches, and scenarios.
  • User Experience or UI Rumbles.
    In these sessions we explore the user experience on the
target screen/s. The output is mainly rough UI sketches and storyboards. The main point of the Rumble is to generate a wealth of tangible ideas and idea nuggets for the focus area. The project team will then be in a better position to take the ideas forward, having come to grips with the essence of the project, as well as having a stronger sense of teamwork—when both client and project team know how the other works and thinks.