Connecting the digital world to green is full of opportunities but its challenging to define the right indicators and identify the emerging themes. It’s a complex questions to answer if we going in the right direction? Or if we addressing the right challenges in the right way?

Mike Beeston, FjordAs pointed by Felix Dodds (Stakeholder Forum), the major challenges we are facing are climate change, lack of drive & institutional capacity, environmental security and economic models. These future challenges needs to be addressed collectively and what we need is, a clear knowledge and understanding of our past commitments, new ways to involve the general public and improved governance. This is very critical to capture the developments and progress taking place in the field of green innovation. Additional to these we also need to find news KPI’s (Key Performance Indicators) for defining success and evaluating them in light of social and cultural norms.

Also important is to understand the difference between efficiency and sustainability in terms of green products and green services. Green products are easier to get but green services are rare! Therefore services are powerful tool design sustainability. “Problem is the industrial age. If digital age appeared before the industrial age then things would have been much different,” as said by Mike Beeston (Chairman, FJORD). Several ways integrate environment in to internet and structure design in to these services are:

  • Designing services which can recognize the user
  • Providing multiple options to the end user
  • Being a source of inspiration

A lot to learn, share and work together to move from the industrial age to digital age of a sustainable new green world!