“I am here as an individual and not as a representative.” These were the words of Ann Davlin (Carbon War Room), who inaugurated XIA 2010 – “Green meets Digital” with her powerful questions like, “How do we manage climate change? How do we not just address this challenge, but also feel good about what we are doing?”

Carbon War Room - Ann DavlinBringing her personal expertise in to topic, she cited an example of the huge potential for reducing carbon emissions from the shipping industry, which is one of the highest emitters. The numbers such as >30% efficiency and < 3 years payback time, seem to be very attractive for a business but still irrespective of such high growth potential and economic benefits, to make this area of work more lucrative for companies, there is a greater need to create secondary markets and also create job opportunities. It is estimated that approximately 550 billion dollars are needed annually for the next 10 years and a lot of investment is taking place in this field especially in the renewable.

What’s needed to supplement these efforts is to bring together policy, capital and technology in the market place, in order to not only reduce the transaction cost but also the time. Major challenges relate to personal human behavior (How to motivate people as carbon does not have a price?) and costs (How to guarantee financial security for such initiatives as they are too expensive?). So one of the biggest challenges we all need to answer is to find tangible ways to bring together the industry and the financial firms (banks and investors) together in order to create and make use of the opportunities which exist in the field of green and digital business practices.