The CROSS INNOVATION ACADEMY on November 18 & 19, 2010, was hosted by BT Germany in Munich. You can find the full agenda below or download the Agenda here.

The change of the environment is also changing the way we do business. Sustainability, Ecology, CSR, Green IT and Social Entrepreneurship are key issues of executives worldwide. The cross-dynamics and innovation speed of “Green” and “Digital” leads to unsolved challenges and unthinkable questions. Therefore the next CROSS INNOVATION ACADEMY will be focused on the theme of “Green meets Digital”.

We’ve invited 50 guests to join us on Thursday and Friday, November 18 and 19, 2010. Expect a firework of provocative presentations with inspirational interactive sessions, followed by a hearty, informal dinner. The goal: an inspirational exchange of ideas, insightful knowledge and unexpected connections. No agency pitches and no corporate small talk.

XIA „Green meets Digital“ and will tackle key issues of…

  • - Green IT & Media
  • - Eco-Awareness
  • - Sustainability
  • - Social Entrepreneurship

Charles & Monty are going through the program in this video for you.

Here is the Agenda of the next Cross Innovation Academy (XIA) for you to read, save and share.
Agenda – Download PDF.

Cross Innovation Academy (XIA) Agenda